Robyn R Rogers M.A.

Senior Lecturer

 Robyn R Rogers M.A.

(512) 245-8711

UAC 270

TuTh 12p-2p & W 12:30p-1:30p

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Areas of Interest

Clinical Psychology

Counseling Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Research Information

Areas of Interest:
Youth at-risk
Cognitive Therapy
Positive Psychology
Reality Therapy


I teach courses in the Cognitive- behavioral discipline including 'Cognitive- behavioral Therapies', 'Reality Therapy- Choice Theory', 'Adolescent Psychology' and The Applied Undergraduate Internship in Psychology. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), and certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CT/RTC). My consulting practice focuses on helping people make changes in their life by making better choices.


I am a practitioner(LPC), and the Faculty Supervisor for all placements with The Applied Internship in Psychology. Check out the website links!

Favorite Quote

"...We are our choices." ~Jean Paul Sartre