Dr. Katherine Rice Warnell Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Dr. Katherine Rice Warnell Ph.D.

(512) 245-5564


UAC 253G

Tu 10a-11a & 2p-3p; Th 9a-10a


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Areas of Interest

Cognitive Psychology

Developmental Psychology


Research Information

I investigate social cognitive development in typical individuals and in autism, with a focus on using naturalistic behavioral and eye-tracking methods that reflect the complexities of real-world social interaction.


Selected Publications (please note I have previously published under Rice, K.)

Rice, K., Moraczewski, D., & Redcay, E. (2016). Perceived live interaction modulates the developing social brain. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 11, 1354-1362.

Rice, K., & Redcay, E. (2016). Interaction matters: A perceived social partner alters the neural processing of human speech. NeuroImage, 129, 480-488.

Rice, K., Anderson, L., Velnoskey, K., Thompson, J., & Redcay, E. (2016). Biological motion perception links diverse facets of theory of mind in middle childhood. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 146, 238-246.

Rice, K., & Redcay, E. (2015). Spontaneous mentalizing captures variability in the cortical thickness of social brain regions. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, 10, 327-334.

Rice, K., Viscomi, B., Riggins, T., & Redcay, E. (2014). Amygdala volume is linked to individual differences in mental state inference in preschool-aged children and adults. Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, 8, 153-163.

Rice, K., Moriuchi, J., Jones, W., & Klin, A. (2012). Parsing heterogeneity in autism spectrum disorders: visual scanning of dynamic social scenes in school-age children. Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, 51, 238-248.