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 Illysa R. Foster

(512) 245-6251

UAC 222

W 2p-3:30p & Th 11a-1:30p

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Areas of Interest

Clinical Psychology

Developmental Psychology

Health Psychology


Research Information

Current interests and ongoing studies:

Menopause and perimenopause qualitative research study (ongoing)
Dance movement therapy (DMT) and adults with history of TBI (complete)

Multicultural Education and Diversity Training
Perinatal mental health
Maternal-Infant synchrony in movement and breastfeeding
Perimenopausal mental health
Clinical studies of sand play therapy with children


Illysa Foster is a lecturer and psychotherapist. She presents at professional conferences, provides professional ethics training and continuing education on perinatal mental health. Illysa is an ally for LGBTQIA individuals and families and people of color. She volunteers at San Marcos Independent School District, providing childbirth education to adolescent parents.

Illysa has worked in other applied fields, including early childhood education and midwifery. Illysa has taught in departments of Psychology, Human Development and Family and Child Development for Austin Community College and Texas State University.


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